GnP_circle Nottingham’s Premier Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Bushido welcomes fighters of all levels and experience. In a friendly and relaxed purpose built facility you are invited to participate in the classes or use the facilities for yourself.
We offer high quality facilities at excellent value, no matter what your needs; fitness, training, fighting or health Bushido MMA can help.

Activities being held at The Bushido MMA Academy include:

  1. Mixed Martial Arts
  2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  3. Submission Wrestling
  4. Muay Thai
  5. Western Boxing
  6. Krav Maga
  7. Women’s Boxing Fitness
  8. Ladies Kickboxing
  9. MMA Circuit Training
  10. Judo
  11. In House Sports Massage
  12. Ninja Kids
  13. Budo Taijutsu – Ninjutsu
  14. Ju-Jutsu
  15. Ninjustu – Wednesdays (New)
  16. MMA Cadets ( MMA for Kids)




Because of the overwhelming success of our MMA program an additional class as been added.

We now boost x3 MMA for beginner session a week catering for all levels.

If you are a complete beginner these sessions are designed for you.

Click here to see pics of the MMA sessions.

Kids Programs

We at Bushido MMA have an extensive children program, classes held include:

  1. Kid’s BJJ
  2. Kid’s Kickboxing
  3. MMA Cadets
  4. Ninja Kids

New classes added:

MMA Cadets – Striking, Friday 5pm – 6pm

MMA Cadets
Wednesday: 5.00pm-6.00pm

Bijinkan Budo Taijutsu – Ninjutsu
Wednesday: 7.00pm-8.30pm